Access–Centered Yoga for Trauma and Pain

(Image Description: green fern over black background with white text: “Access-Centered Yoga for Trauma and Pain” )

Currently not available.

with Jess

Trauma-informed movement that attempts to dismantle the hierarchy of bodies and minds.

Wheelchair accessible
Fragrance Free
Sitting, standing, and lying down variations offered
Mats and props provided

$11 – $30 sliding scale
(please contact me for work-trade and scholarship options)

In Access–Centered Yoga for Trauma and Pain, we incorporate the connection between breath and movement to heal historical, generational, and individual trauma and the ways in which trauma gets stored in the body (especially as chronic pain). Each class offers gentle movement with safe alignment, dynamic poses, connection to the elements, and mindful awareness of our “felt-sense” throughout a sequence.

Many variations for movements will be provided and space offered to create variations if the ones given do not work for a body or mind. Some variations that will be offered: safe poses for folks with hypermobility, seated/standing/lying down options, possibilities for arm and leg placement if there is pain or limitation, options to invite different emotional experiences or sensations if a sequence or pose is triggering, detailed verbal descriptions if one is not able to see a physical demonstration.

Each class will begin with a brief check-in to communicate our gender pronouns, access needs, and multicultural/anti-racist communication agreements. Everything I offer is invitational, gentle touch is only used with consent, and I use trauma-informed and access–centered language.