Sick as Sacred

Image Description: a lilac background lies behind a floral reef made of red peony, yellow marigold, and white daisies. In a circle and within the reef is brown text that says “Ritual Containers” twice, one upside down and on the bottom and one circling the top. Inside that is large yellow text in all capitals that says, “SICK AS SACRED”, under that is red text that reads, “Access-Centered, Polyvagal-Infused, and Earth-Based Magic, Ancestral Healing, and Radical Ritual for Self-Identified “Sick” folks.” On the bottom right and left is the ACM logo, a periwinkle triangle with rainbow outline and white vertical letters.

Series Description

Sickness, of any kind, brings challenge. Chronic illness, of any kind, brings chronic challenges. If you are drawn to this course, I most likely do not need to tell you this. We know the challenges of being sick in the contemporary world: poverty, isolation, loneliness, physical and mental pain, discomfort, agony, grief, fear, anger, shame, guilt, etc. We also know that generational traumas, like colonization, and developmental trauma, like surviving child abuse, make us more susceptible to chronic conditions. There are so many complicated threads that create sickness in the modern world, and there are just as many businesses profiting off so-called cures. I am not here to cure you, I cannot and do not want to do that. I also cannot fix the systemic issues that are making many of us sick, even if I am dedicated to it like many of us. I will create a container so that we can grieve them, however. I am also here, if wanted, to help you on a healing journey at the level of your soul that will create a resilience and sense of belonging that is our birthright, a homecoming to the Earth.

My name is Springlove, this name was given to me by Spirit, and it is these same guides that helped me “see” the wisdom that I will share in this series. I have navigated chronic illness for most of my life. I was born disabled, and contracted Lyme disease as a young teen where it harbored for over 15 years without treatment. With the few resources I had, I tried to approach my healing from the “alternative health world”, some things helped, but for the most part I still felt no relief. This all changed a few years ago as I began to answer the call by Spirit to practice Earth-Based Magic. After my two Soul Initiations, I understand that there is no separation between the sickness of my bodymind and the sickness of my spirit.

I am not here to sugarcoat this experience or promote toxic positivity or individualism. I do not believe that our personal happiness matters above all else. Yet, I feel that our radical communities that support us and that we love also keep us from the spiritual healing we deserve, this is literally the purpose of life. We, as humans, are custodians of the land. After generations of being separate from the earth and domesticated, many of us need to heal our ancestral lines and our three souls.

In this course, I invite you to learn, in ways that are accessible for your needs, trauma-informed and polyvagal-infused tools and practices that I’ve curated to support those of us with chronic conditions. You do not need to already have a spiritual practice to join as I will be starting at the basics. If you have a strong practice already, then this will be an opportunity to learn unique applications and elevate further. I will not be able to offer deep dives into some of these spiritual concepts as that could take years, yet I will point you toward resources where you may continue to learn, if wanted.

While I still experience flares, they are are fewer than they used to be as a result of this work. I experience a joy and peace like I *never* thought I would. I do not suffer like I once did. I see the blessing of sickness, that it is the sickness itself that brought me into the depths of my pain, and it was there that I saw a tiny light. I keep growing this light each and every day, giving myself the container that no one else was going to give me as I was considered too broken in mainstream society, untouchable. I know that I am a unique person with powerful guides and that I have the capacity to create magical containers, I do not think this work is easy or that we can do it alone, even though in many ways I had no other option. This is why I am so determined to give back what I have learned, in a way that is Access-Centered and as affordable as possible. We all deserve healing, and we all deserve to have access to someone, like myself and the many other wounded healers out there, who can help guide us. Much love, Springlove.

The Curriculum

This workshop series will be broken into two hour classes, which will be held from Monday, June 27th 2022 from 5:30PM PDT to 7:30PM PDT for six weeks until August 1st 2022. Each class will include a bio break and will be recorded for access. Please note that I work intuitively and based on the people in the container, so the following curriculum may shift to better meet your needs.

With your registration you will receive a supportive PDF as a visual aid as well as a 15 minute private session with Springlove to create a personal ritual for your needs. During this time I can offer divination, read your aura, and/or connect to your guides.

June 27th : The Earth as Home and Domesticated Bodies

July 4th : Sky as Home, the Tree of Life, Soul Loss

July 11th : The Inner Child, The Underworld, Wounded Healer

July 18th : Ancestors, Unwell Patterns, Spirit Attachments

July 25th : Well Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Highest Self, Ritual

August 1st : Ritual Containers, Sick as Sacred

Access Info

  • Class will be recorded
  • Closed Captioning Provided
  • Access needs that can be met day of can be included in the Registration form
  • Breaks
  • No need to be on camera
  • Allowed unmute or type if need to communicate
  • Always can pass
  • Everything invitational
  • Ideally this will have ASL *and* we don’t have the budget for it—if folks who have access can contribute generously and community members need this, we can do our best. If you are HOV, Deaf/deaf, would like to join, and need ASL, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Will already center access for
    • low vision, blind/Blind
    • wheelchair users
    • folks who need to sit, stand, and/or lie down
    • neurodivergence
    • mental illness
    • chronic pain
    • spoonies
    • hypermobile and EDS folks
    • limited mobility
    • inability to use limbs
    • asthma
    • PTSD
    • In the registration form there is a prompt for any access support needed that is not listed here


You will get the Zoom Link after registering, it may take a few days. If you do not receive a link by Friday, June 24th at noon please email me. Please also contact me if it is not accessible to fill out the google form and you need another registration option.


Sliding Scale $240 – $480+ (these rates are well below market rate for similar offerings) with Partial and Full Scholarship Options. You must either pay me or contact me via email before the class begins in order to be considered fully registered.

  • I highly encourage people (especially white folks) who have financial access to pay as much as they can (perhaps more than $480) to help fund folks who do not have access.
  • The only way that this model works successfully is when people give what they authentically can, remembering that we are all conditioned in a model of scarcity and that it is often uncomfortable to give in this framework. For people who cannot afford the sliding scale: I am offering scholarships to low income sick folks. Priority for Black and Indigenous, as an act of reparations, if wanted Please remember that Springlove is very low income and this is their life’s work.
  • Please contact Springlove via email ( to request a scholarship BRIEFLY explaining your situation.

Please submit your payments electronically via Venmo or PayPal.

IMPORTANT!!! You must choose “pay friends” so that I don’t pay a fee to Venmo or Paypal, if you are not comfortable with this please contact me for another payment option as I am not willing to pay them.
Venmo : @springlove

Please email Springlove at if you need to pay another way. No refunds as this will be recorded.

About the Teacher:

Springlove (antiracist white Jewish, disabled/chronically ill/crazy/autistic, very low-income, intersex queer femme) is a psychic medium, diviner, and priestess that began practicing movement, magic, and meditation over 20 years ago to manage their chronic pain and complex PTSD. They found, however, that most offerings were not accessible for their needs. With the support of Disability Justice activists, they created Access-Centered Movement and the AC Framework in 2016: a trauma-informed and intersectional framework that attempts to dismantle hierarchies of bodies and minds in movement spaces. Springlove is a registered Yoga teacher and personal trainer, and uses their vast knowledge of yoga therapy, dance, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Somatics, Vipassana meditation, Earth-Based Magic, and their lived experience as a sick and disabled queer survivor to offer support for those suffering from trauma and physical/emotional pain. Aware that the ancestors of some of the spiritual traditions they practice are not their own, they are committed to decolonizing their practice under the leadership of Indigenous elders. They currently reside with their cat, Hawthorn, in the Pacific Northwest in Chinook Territory. They offer monthly rent to the Chinook Tribe to pay for the land they occupy as a settler.