Ritual Containers

Image Description: photograph of a cave with many holes and openings, color of the stone is tan. Large white writing on top center reads, "Access-Centered Movement" and the text is inside a white rectangle.  Underneath and in big white text it says, "Ritual Containers" and underneath it says, "Boundaries as Sacred".  bottom center is says in white smaller text, "Polyvagal Theory and Earth-Based Magic to repair Energetic Boundary Ruptures from Trauma and Restore our Lifeforces"
Image Description: photograph of a cave with many holes and openings, color of the stone is tan. Large white writing on top center reads, “Access-Centered Movement” and the text is inside a white rectangle. Underneath and in big white text it says, “Ritual Containers” and underneath it says, “Boundaries as Sacred”. bottom center is says in white smaller text, “Polyvagal Theory and Earth-Based Magic to repair Energetic Boundary Ruptures from Trauma and Restore our Lifeforces

Sunday December 12, 2021 from 12:00PM to 4:00PM PST via Zoom

This Access-Centered Movement workshop is about restoring connection. It is authentic connection that allows us to feel fully alive and live as our highest selves. It is about boundaries as sacred, about how boundaries teach us what is sacred. It is about how we need to be connected to what is sacred to maintain our boundaries and how we need to have boundaries to connect with what is sacred. Like many things in natural law, the process is spiralic. And yet so many of us have never felt this experience, including in our most loving relationships. The reality is that the vast majority of us in post agriculture, white supremacist, patriarchal capitalism navigates the daily symptoms of shock and developmental trauma. While not everyone develops complex PTSD/PTSD, most of us in this modern world struggle with connection to ourselves and others, connection to the earth and universe, and connection to our lifeforce. For many of us, connection is the thing we need and fear the most.

When we are traumatized, especially with early developmental trauma, our capacities to self and co-regulate, maintain energetic boundaries, and love ourselves and others are ruptured. Unable to set boundaries, we can “people-please” until we blow up or flee; never giving the other person the opportunity to meet our needs. We may feel like sponges that are surviving each day by bracing and waiting for it to be over so that we can shut everything out. The world can feel violent and terrifying, we may feel full of shame and a never-ending sense of dread, and we probably do not have the resources and tools we need to thrive (or even survive). We may use substances, technology, and other methods to numb out as existing in our raw nervous systems without the capacity to protect ourselves or regulate is excruciating. These ruptures, specifically our energetic boundary ruptures, begin to drain our much-needed Lifeforce and affect everything from our physiology to our psychology to our spirit. The results can be as mild as being shy and as severe as developing mental illness, chronic illness, IBS, fatigue, environmental illness, and chronic pain.

What would it feel like if you could plug up these energetic drains? How would your life shift if you felt held and protected at a root level? What if you had the tools to maintain your energetic boundaries, regulate your nervous system, connect with the Earth and others, and restore your Lifeforce? Can you imagine how that might feel? How would that feel in your body? While we cannot fully shift these patterns in one workshop, by using the support of Polyvagal theory, Somatics, earth-based magic and ritual, indigenous systems, craniosacral technique, and internal family systems, this workshop hopes to provide you with some resources and tools that can begin or continue your energetic boundary healing process. We will be invited into ritual, using the support of the Elements and the Earth to create Energetic Containers, which we hope will support reduce trauma, fatigue and pain and help you return to your highest self and Lifeforce.


  • introduction to Polyvagal theory and the autonomic nervous system
  • the difference between shock and developmental trauma
  • the connection between oppressive systems and developmental trauma
  • craniosacral techniques to stimulate the Ventral Vagus nerve and enter the social engagement nervous system
  • Somatic techniques for regulating our nervous systems
  • how we may view trauma with a different lens via indigenous systems
  • an original ritual that you can take home to manifest sacred boundaries and repair energetic boundary ruptures

We will be using the “Access-Centered Framework”, which is trauma-informed, intersectional (we work to dismantle oppression and hierarchies at all times), consent-based, and will never expect you to “adapt” to the exercises we offer—we will change the exercise to meet your needs. While we will be offering suggestions to keep your practice as safe as possible, everything we offer is invitational as we believe that you know your bodymind best. We will offer you space to advocate for your needs, and we encourage you and invite you to take up that space.


  • Class will be recorded
  • Closed Captioning Provided
  • Access needs that can be met day of can be included in the Registration form
  • Breaks
  • No need to be on camera
  • Allowed unmute or type if need to communicate
  • Always can pass
  • Everything invitational
  • Ideally this will have ASL *and* we don’t have the budget for it—if folks who have access can contribute generously and community members need this, we can do our best. If you are HOV, Deaf/deaf, would like to join, and need ASL, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Will already center access for
    • low vision, blind/Blind
    • wheelchair users
    • folks who need to sit, stand, and/or lie down
    • neurodivergence,
    • mental illness
    • chronic pain
    • spoonies
    • hypermobile and EDS folks
    • limited mobility
    • inability to use limbs
    • asthma
    • PTSD
    • Etc.


You will get the Zoom Link after registering, it may take a few days. If you do not receive a link by Friday, 12/10/21 please email me.


Sliding Scale $80 – $200+ with Partial and Full Scholarship Options

  • We highly encourage people (especially white folks) who have financial access to pay as much as they can (perhaps more than $200) to help fund folks who do not have access.
  • The only way that this model works successfully is when people give what they authentically can, remembering that we are all conditioned in a model of scarcity and that it is often uncomfortable to give in this framework. For people who cannot afford the sliding scale: we will are offering scholarships to low income folks. Priority for BIPOC. Please remember that Jess is very low income and this is her life’s work.
  • Please contact Springlove via email (accesscenteredmovement@gmail.com) to request a scholarship BRIEFLY explaining your situation.

Please submit your pre-payments to (Please choose “pay friends” so I don’t pay a fee, this allows more scholarships):
PayPal: @gmail.com via paypal or
Venmo : @
email at accesscenteredmovement@gmail.com if you need to pay another way. No refunds as this will be recorded.

About the Teacher:
Springlove (antiracist white Jewish, disabled/chronically ill/crazy, very low-income, queer femme) began practicing movement and meditation 20 years ago to manage her chronic pain and complex PTSD. She found, however, that most classes were not accessible for her needs. With the support of Disability Justice activists, she created Access-Centered Movement: a trauma-informed and intersectional framework that attempts to dismantle hierarchies of bodies and minds in movement spaces. Springlove received her 200 RYT from Niroga Institute in 2016 and uses her vast knowledge of yoga therapy, dance, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Somatics, Vipassana meditation, earth-based magic, and her lived experience as a sick and disabled queer survivor to offer support for those suffering from trauma and physical/emotional pain. Aware that the ancestors of some of the spiritual traditions she practices are not her own, she is committed to decolonizing her practice.