Image of an ACM protest offering with test that reads, "It’s OK if you can’t physically protest, there are many ways to resist. Some invitations for sick and disabled non-Black folks, if you have capacity:
• donate money to local Black-led organizations and bail-funds. Will post links in comments
• respond to requests for resources from Black folks in your community. Offer resources after getting consent
• offer your services freely to Black folks in your community—get consent first
• pray, meditate, practice ritual for the end of white supremacy and liberation of Black lives
• read/listen to articles, posts, essays, podcasts arc by Black organizers, activists, healers, artists, teachers, etc.
•some protests are being live-streamed for folks who can tolerate screens
• talk with non-Black folks in your community about anti-Black racism, ableism, and police violence"
Access-Centered Protest Guide: Image Description in Alt Text

Jess is available for consulting for organizations, nonprofits, yoga studios, meditation centers, dance studios, gyms, educational institutions and schools, medical and healing centers, art museums, art centers, and more.

Services provided:

  • How to be Access-Centered in virtual and physical space.
  • How to offer Access-Centered activities. 
  • How to use Access-Centered language.
  • How to offer Access-Centered and trauma-informed Movement.
  • Somatic Tools for resiliency and growing capacity to engage with conflict effectively.
  • Mindfulness tools for preventing burnout.