The ACM Collective

India Harville

An African American queer disabled femme teacher, somatic bodyworker, dancer/dance instructor, performance artist, social justice activist, and educator dedicated to facilitating people in personal and collective healing and transformation.

India has been a longtime public speaker and artist in disability justice movements. Most notably are her collaborations with  Sins Invalid, the Disability Justice Culture Club, DanceAbility, and Turtle Tank. She has also produced, written, and starred in her one-woman-show, “Enough”, in 2017. India currently is sheltering in place with her longtime partner, service dog, Nico, and frisky cat.

Image Description: India Harville, a black, disabled, queer femme in a pink dress sitting on a backwards wheelchair with arms resting on it and one leg out.

Jess (currently not teaching due to health)

Jess identifies as white, Jewish, disabled/crazy/neurodivergent/mad/sick, trans queer femme, and has existed making magic out of social security, isolation, pain, and exclusion for what feels like a lifetime. Because of the unique crossroads of their marginalized and privileged identities, Jess has felt like a chameleon; at times entering spaces they never thought possible while still being excluded from the vast majority of virtual and/or physical space. As a Zebra (person with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), Jess understand the importance of a stable base, connection, and that not all of us get equal access to these basic needs.

The pressure of this unbearable disconnect eventually reached a pinnacle and cracked her wide open–a Mad K/Queen of Patterns, Creative Soul of Crushed Diamonds, and a Rooted Eye of the Storm was born. Jess found their heart underneath the clouds of ancestral trauma. A fearless, fierce,  loving, creative, compassionate, playful, reverent/irreverent heart.

Jess has always nothing more than to find the pattern in the chaos and to use this skill, divine creativity, the guidance of their well ancestors, and the web-like nature of their gaze to think outside of the box.  They offer Access-Centered Ritual and Containers to try and hold those of us who feel left behind, remind us of our truest most highest selves, and demonstrate healthy energetic boundaries. Jess does their best to practice what they teach, and “Roots Down Low” in “Micro Dance”, “Deep Strength”, “Polyvagal Yoga”, “Sacral Seas”, and “Ritual  Containers”.

Jess currently lives on stolen Chinook land, originally born in Chumash Territory, then spending most of their adult life in the Bay Area, CA, on stolen Ohlone and Coastal Miwok Territory. Knowing that many of the ancestors of the practices they teach are not from their lineages, Jess offers many of their workshops and trainings freely to Black and Indigenous folks, if that is wanted. Jess encourages all white teachers to work daily on healing their trauma so that we may cause less harm to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) folks, heal our ancestral lines, and support the dismantling of white supremacy.

Jess’ main teachers and influences: Beloved and late Stacey Milbern (rest in power/peace), Turtle Tank, the East Bay Meditation Center, Niroga Institute, The Last Mask, Ifa, DanceAbility, Starhawk, Emergent Strategy, Sins Invalid, disabiltiy justice, JewWitches everywhere, Abby Tucker, PolyVagal Theory, IFS, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Feldenkries, Yoga, Vipassana Buddhism, Shamanic Healing, Black and Indigenous Feminist postcolonial thought, UC Berkeley Gender and Women’s Deparment, UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Department, Attachment Theory, DBT/CBT, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Norma Alarcon, Anti-Zionist Yiddish Ritual, Drunk History, and always observing natural law. Jess is deeply grateful to these ancestors and teachers, and most imporantly to Spirit and Earth, providing life and reminding us of our beauty, power, and that we are worthy and deserving of rest.

Neve Mazique-Bianco

A Black, Indigenous Northeast African, and Scottish multigender queer femme musical dance-theater maker, performance artist, party planner, writer, and community organizer declaring punk’s not dead and neither is disabled POC excellence.

Creator of the phrase “Access Realities’ and current queer admin/navigator of the wildness that is the ACM email and Instagram. Follow us! Follow THEM! You can find NEVE’s classes on our IG and their website!

Image Description: Neve Mazique-Bianco (image by Sofia Mohamed), black, disabled, multigender queer femme using a wheelchair; dressed in black leg warmers and black tee shirt with the image of a star and the words “Trans March”. Neve is in front of a brick wall.